Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Web Browser Survey!

Vote Results
  • Mozilla Firefox ====================== 41
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer = ===========16
  • Google Chrome =================== ===4
  • Opera Web Browser ================== 2
  • Apple Safari ======================== 1
  • Others like Ephipany, Konqueror and etc. = 7

Me and my groupmates Paulo and Jas had conducted a 3-day survey on my personal blog relating about our project in Probability and Statistics using the "Poll-Vote System Widget" in this site.

The results shown that out of 71 votes in the question "What is your current or main Web browser?", 41 out of 71 votes, The Mozilla Firefox dominated the whole choices of web browsers in which most people use the said application as their main internet aid in surfing with the internet.

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