Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why Red?

Red is one of the primary colors of light that

makes up the RYB complementary color systems.

It is one of the most dominant colors have ever existed in this world.

Red is the topmost of all my favorite colors. I feel Red as my passion and heart.. and for some reasons, the Red signifies a lot of meaning than any other colors.

Red always represent Leadership, likewise, I think we are all familiar with Sentai or Action-based heroes like the Power Rangers which has always come up with the Red Ranger as their leader and the one's that often decides their strategy for the party and for their fate.

Red symbolizes a lot of emotions like anger and guilt and it also makes a perfect icon for facing a wrath of somebody. However, Red is also the source of love and heart, as well as lust. Red Roses had been related as the symbol of love.

Red is also the color of the planet Mars, which perhaps Mars is the God of War and signifies Power and Strength, and to dominate. The Red also serves as the symbol for sacrifice and blood.

I love to wear Red Colored Clothes and Shirts because Statistics show that most men who wear red clothes appear to be more attractive to women.. LoL.. hehe..

On the other hand, some say that Red makes us more energetic, enthusiastic and can help us strengthen ourselves against fears - and boost our confidence and perception towards the things in our lives.

Code Red: IJ Styles