Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Web Browser Survey!

Vote Results
  • Mozilla Firefox ====================== 41
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer = ===========16
  • Google Chrome =================== ===4
  • Opera Web Browser ================== 2
  • Apple Safari ======================== 1
  • Others like Ephipany, Konqueror and etc. = 7

Me and my groupmates Paulo and Jas had conducted a 3-day survey on my personal blog relating about our project in Probability and Statistics using the "Poll-Vote System Widget" in this site.

The results shown that out of 71 votes in the question "What is your current or main Web browser?", 41 out of 71 votes, The Mozilla Firefox dominated the whole choices of web browsers in which most people use the said application as their main internet aid in surfing with the internet.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

How To Cope When You Are Surrounded By Idiots

by: Ben Goode

Are the idiots in your life driving you crazy? Do you often feel like you are surrounded by idiots? Have you ever wondered if YOU are an idiot? Do the idiotic C.Y.A. instructions on the packaging of most products you buy these days make you feel like the world must think you are an idiot?

The following article contains lessons on stupidity. They cover things you should pretty much never do. There are many, many more lessons we could add, such as not floating face down in the septic tank or not applying your own tattoo with a wood burner and lead-based house paint, but these are normally material for a post-graduate stupidity course. You probably shouldn't attempt to comprehend these high-level concepts until you have mastered the more basic skills.

Experience has shown that the louder you yell the principle to the idiot pupil in question the better the procedure works. (OK, a little honesty here would probably be good. The truth is, shouting the lessons probably won't have much of an effect on the idiot, because as we all know, he/she is an idiot, but it will probably make you feel a little better).

Here are a few suggestions that could change your life if you are someone who is struggling with idiots in your life. If you are an idiot, try to find someone to read these principles to you and then apply them. If you are surrounded by idiots or if you have a loved one who has idiotic tendencies, you will probably want to teach these principles to the idiots in your life. You never know. It might just help.

1. You should never try to lick the bottom of the blender while the blades are still turning.
2. Never drink quarts of vinegar while eating boxes of baking soda.
3. Never clean up nitro-glycerin or unstable nuclear waste with a vacuum cleaner.
4. Never let friends hit you over the head with a baseball bat unless you are wearing a good helmet.
5. Never adjust your TV antenna during a lightening storm.
6. You shouldn't smoke while siphoning gasoline.
7. Don't microwave dynamite.
8. Never dry your hair with a blow torch.
9. Never pick your scabs while swimming with sharks.
10. Never hang glide during a hurricane.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amazing Red

Jonathan Figueroa, (born April 26, 1982) is an American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, (The) Amazing Red, or simply Red for short. (from wiki)

Ring name(s)

Amazing Red
El Rojos
Fuego Guerrerro
Misterio Red
Airwalk Spriggan

5 ft 7 in 185 lb

Billed from Brooklyn, New York
Trained by Mikey Whipwreck
Debut 1999

For me, Amazing Red is one of the best wrestlers I have ever known. He is a cruiser-type wrestling, striker and a luchador. He hits like a thunder, combining strikes with dual and spinning kicks and flies like a shooting star that lands viciously on it's target. Some of his famous finishers are the Code Red (almost looks to be the Canadian Destroyer© but lands like a powerbomb), Red Alert (a mid rope Straight to Hell© by Judas Mesias) and the Infrared (a spinning tornillo moonsault). Red is much like to be a suicidal wrestler and can push the limits through his skills and talent.

Red Alert 3™

Red Alert 3 is one of the next generation real-time action strategy video game after the great C&C: Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath. Although we can notice that RA3 does not have that heavy duty graphics like what of C&C T.W. and K.W. does, it has still the traditions of past Command and Conquer fast-paced gameplay, innovative unit and structure design, and completely over-the-top full-motion-video cut-scenes. Red Alert 3 is using the RNA engine, the upgraded version of the SAGE engine which EA have used since the days of Westwood® in other C&C titles and the Lord of the Rings® franchise.

The Red Alert series has always come up with the never ending competition of Soviet and Allied forces. In Red Alert 3, a new pit of destruction is being brought by the new faction called Empire of the Rising Sun. The trio rivalry becomes a great aftermath of new innovative structures, units and much more features that will blow up your gameplay experience.

As of now, me and my friends were expecting and waiting for the Expansion version of the Red Alert 3 and are hoping that it will be released in this year. (we are currently playing the action-horror Left 4 Dead.. LoL it's fun to play this fast-paced action packed cooperative first person shooter game together with 3 of my friends.)

Monday, February 2, 2009

IT to Comsci

I both like these two courses, I mean they are my life. Technology and Innovation is my passion, that's why I took Information Technology last year for my College Course.

However, I didn't expect that my reputation in the class can affect my perception to just not pursue my course and shift to Computer Science.

For me, going to school is just like going to learn..to be civilized and to be crafted as a decent member of the society. Having a title of "Student" means nothing but a real mercenary of the future, we.. youth of today just like what Dr. Jose P. Rizal the National Hero was saying - are the hope and builders of tomorrow. Whatever could be, I go to school not only for the knowledge and lessons to be learned.. but.. to have friends.. friends to have enjoyment with, to have joy and laughter, to make some fun, to go beyond the extremes.

It happened in the first place when I was in my 4th year High School.. I was the only, the only one to be left behind by all of my friends.. I don't know why in all of my circle of friends, I was the unlucky one to be drafted in the other class section. All I have to do is to accept, adapt and get some new friends or else.. I will be an outcast.

Though it was nice to have a new set of friends, but those that you have gone along for a very long time is still different. I have to set myself in a low profile standard, and hinder my "Everybody's Dream" emblem not for being boastful.

As of now, I still need to survive this semester and, if I were too lucky for it.. I can break away at last. For me, to instill another path and be impart in another new world...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ümobile to Red Mobile

ümobile features:
  • Get free P100 Load Every Month for 6 Months
  • Experience Nationwide Coverage
  • Experience PC Calling with ümobile's virtual phone
  • Access Any Internet Site
  • Be Connected with brands that matter to you

  • Php0.50 per minute call rate between Red Mobile to Red Mobile SIM.
  • SIM card is sold at Php39 each. Each SIM is pre-loaded with Php10 or an equivalent of 20 minutes of RM-RM calls.
  • 3G browsing rates is P7.50 for every 15 mins or an equivalent Php30 per hour.
  • Php10 minimum load denomination.

Before ümobile transformed into Red Mobile, ümobile is one of the most powerful sim card I've ever used in my life. It is very beneficial to me because I can surf the internet or watch Youtube videos anywhere with just my Nokia 6630 . Besides, at that time, we have not yet installed a broadband at home, so I use it to connect to the internet. And because my phone is 3G enabled, it runs with a decent speed of 384 kbps so I can surf, chat and download as much as I want without limits by using ümobile.

ümobile has a unique number starting with 0999+ your default or customized number and I can use it to fool people because whenever I call somebody in his phone - a "private call" will appear to his/her screen instead of a normal cellphone number which will make him get confused and I've tried to spam them a lot of times and in that way I can make myself some enjoyment in life.. (you know what i mean wahahaha.. LoL)

After a few months, ümobile had been down, and just a few weeks of becoming offline, They had announced that they were changing into Red Mobile and had a surprising TV commercial with an attractive gimmick. Now, I'm using Red Mobile just because I love the color of Red not because of it's features.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why Red?

Red is one of the primary colors of light that

makes up the RYB complementary color systems.

It is one of the most dominant colors have ever existed in this world.

Red is the topmost of all my favorite colors. I feel Red as my passion and heart.. and for some reasons, the Red signifies a lot of meaning than any other colors.

Red always represent Leadership, likewise, I think we are all familiar with Sentai or Action-based heroes like the Power Rangers which has always come up with the Red Ranger as their leader and the one's that often decides their strategy for the party and for their fate.

Red symbolizes a lot of emotions like anger and guilt and it also makes a perfect icon for facing a wrath of somebody. However, Red is also the source of love and heart, as well as lust. Red Roses had been related as the symbol of love.

Red is also the color of the planet Mars, which perhaps Mars is the God of War and signifies Power and Strength, and to dominate. The Red also serves as the symbol for sacrifice and blood.

I love to wear Red Colored Clothes and Shirts because Statistics show that most men who wear red clothes appear to be more attractive to women.. LoL.. hehe..

On the other hand, some say that Red makes us more energetic, enthusiastic and can help us strengthen ourselves against fears - and boost our confidence and perception towards the things in our lives.

Code Red: IJ Styles